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I found my passion some years ago in the absorbing, creative dialogue I have with wool.

By combining unspun wool fibers with water and soap and by agitating the wet wool with my hands, I feel I am engaged in a form of magic unlike anything I have experienced in a lifetime of making things. Wet felt making is the ancient practice which I use to produce unique wearables, fine millinery, and various forms of structural felt. To pursue this passion, I have studied, traveled, and met up with a global community of artisans who have inspired and informed my personal creative practice in fine felt.

I believe that whether we stop to acknowledge it or not, we all live lives full of wonder. Out of hardship and heartache, great beauty can be found. I am comfortable living my life in this space, within a fiber community that honors the farmers and embraces the artists who create from the fibers. We have human connection that is profound in its power to heal and to make us soar with the ideas and possibilities of creative adventure. It is a humbling experience to present my work as I acknowledge so many who have seeded this undertaking.

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